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ESCO - Ear Service Corporation - Loss, Damage and Repair

ESCO has you covered.

We are the leading provider of loss, damage, and repair coverage for the hearing industry.
3215 Fernbrook Lane North
Plymouth, MN United States 55447-5325
Phone: (800) 992-3726
Fax: (763) 559-4247
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Service Providers
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Protection Plus
Accidental Loss and Damage Only Coverage
With Protection Plus you're covered against loss and accidental damage. If you lose or accidentally damage your hearing instrument, you will have peace of mind knowing that you've got ESCO coverage.
Platinum Plan
Accidental Loss, Damage and Repair Coverage
The Platinum Plan's comprehensive coverage insures your instruments against loss, accidental damage, and normal wear and tear repairs. Normal wear and tear repairs include problems that happen over time, like wax build up and excessive battery drain.


Reminder Care couldn't be simpler; we do the work for you.
The Reminder Care Program offers a way to maintain contact with your patients by reminding them that their manufacturer's warranties are expiring and encouraging them to contact your office for an annual check up. ESCO tracks the instrument and warranty information so you can spend more time helping your patients.